Natalya Head Shot Sandrine2Natalya Bah is an executive coach who helps her clients define and achieve their most important personal and professional goals. Comments from Natalya’s coaching clients include:

Natalya is an excellent listener and poses questions that help me determine and achieve my goals. ” S.W.C., Marketing Executive

Natalya is incredibly gifted at building the pathway between your aspirations and your achievements. I always leave a coaching session with concrete steps that I can take to move myself ever closer to those goals that once seemed so elusive as to only be day dreams. ” R.A., Attorney

Natalya Bah has been instrumental in my transition from complacency to living the life of my deepest dreams. Not only has she helped me to understand my strengths and to play to them more aptly, she has also aided in illuminating the gifts I have been ignoring or otherwise been putting away for another time and bringing them forward to be shared right now. She is an astute listener and respects me. Yet she is unabashed about keeping me focused and positive. ” M.W.S., Esq


"Natalya helped me look inside myself to identify my strengths and set my targets--something I wouldn't have been able to do without her hints and pointers. I really value her guidance greatly." O.P.A., Economist

"Natalya has an intuitive sense of how to help me through my career transition. I have been exploring career options - whether to return to my practice area, change practice areas or do something different - after an illness, and Natalya has helped me to see the skills and talents I have and think through the possibilities."M.B.S., Attorney

Natalya also provides consulting and training services concentrating on project management and leadership through her company Natalya H. Bah Consulting.

She is also currently writing her first book- her biggest goal right now. The title is PROJECTion for Kids: Preparing Kids for a Lifetime of Projects and the book helps parents develop project management skills in their children to help them to successfully complete school and life’s projects. Find out more at

I’d love to hear from you! Tell me what your goals are and how you’re progressing on your journey!