Welcome to Define and Achieve Your Goals!

Here are some TIPS to get you started as you commit to defining and achieving your personal and professional goals!

1.Define Your Goal:

1.Clear the Clutter: write down your goal for the first time and focus on what you really want. Use our Focus Questions to help you out.

2.Know Yourself: you are your greatest resource for completing this goal. What are your strengths, interests and motivational drivers that need to be considered? Click here to arrange to take a Birkman Method Self-Assessment or click here to take get your Understanding My Motivational Drivers Report. You can also use our Goal Support Questions to help you along the way.

3.Ask Yourself Why 5 Times: why is this goal important to you?

2.Pursue Your Goal:

1.Define the Steps: what steps will you have to take to achieve this goal? Ask other people who have achieved this goal how they made it happen. Use our Step Defining Questions to help you out.

2.Create a Schedule: set the dates by which you want to have each step and the overall goal completed and then stick to that schedule

3.Anticipate and Plan for Risks: what could happen that could affect your ability to achieve the goal, and what can you do to make sure that doesn’t happen?

4.Pursue the goal: read our blog for tips on how to keep this goal front and center in your life and to achieve your ultimate goal.

3.Imagine What It Would Feel Like to Achieve This Goal.